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Importance of SEO Content Writing

Before going into the details of SEO Content Writing Importance, let’s give a brief introduction about SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization

, it is a process or practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic on your website through organic search results. Now lets breakdown this definition into parts for more clear understanding:

Part 1- Quality of Traffic.

On your website, you can attract everybody there is no limit, but the main thing which matters a lot is the relevance and if it’s excellent for your website then your website’s visiting traffic is quality traffic. For example, if people are coming on your website because Google and other Search engines are telling them your website is the right resource for Multi-Vitamins but in actual you are an online store selling fresh organic fruits and vegetables, then the traffic which is coming on your website is not the quality traffic. On the other hand, you and your company are much interested to attract visitors who are actually interested in the products you are selling.

Part 2- Quantity of Traffic.

Now you are getting right people coming on your website or clicking through your website from those search engine result pages (SERPs), then here now more traffic is your best option.

Part 3- Organic search results.

In today’s world cost-effective way to bring traffic on your website is through the Organic method (non-paid), it means you are getting traffic for that you don’t have to pay.

Now lets deep dive into the importance of SEO content writing, it helps you:

  1. Activates all the SEO activities, both the on-site and off-site but in a constant way
  2. Helps your website to improve its overall ranking
  3. The rich content can also help you out to bring in more fresh leads or generating sales for the organization
  4. The constant publishing of rich SEO content writing gives your website authenticity and enhance the repute, which your website lack otherwise
  5. The most important thing which it gives to your website is attractiveness and appeal, which makes your products and services more appealing, effective and qualitatively reachable to the relevant audience or actual buyer

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