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Key Facts and Figures about Social Media Marketing for Businesses Today

Nowadays Social Media Marketing is becoming the main ingredient for any business growth and its importance is still increasing with time but with rapid pace. With the impact of more and more people, companies and brands signing up to social media sites and implementing their usage with regularity, now social media industry is becoming huge and big. In coming years it is expected to prosperous on a large scale.

So here is the right time for one’s business to take advantage of that growth opportunity with the increasing growth of social media, as their competitors are doing.

In this time of social media prosperity, experts suggest every business its “must-do” requirement or you can say need to capitalize proper social media platforms in the best and foremost possible way. The simple question arises “Why” and the answer is simple because each business target audience is hanging around the popular social networks, engaging with their favorite brands and connecting with them on different levels.

And that makes logical and practical sense for every business to have a presence on social media with proper social media marketing strategy. With that logical approach, you can not only generate more revenue but also connect on regular basis with your customers better and cater them on a higher level and in effect, it gives you the edge to make your digital marketing easier.

As per the insights are shown below in an infographic recently published by Ambassador, 42% of twitter users expect a company to respond to their queries within 1 hour, 70% customers who are helped via social media are return customers and 71% of customers between 16 to 64 age group use internet to find solutions for product usage when they find it difficult.

Social Media Infographics


Now lets dive into more insights and get more in depth about the importance of social media marketing for your business and see which social media sites are best for your business like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up the pace with competitors and beat them:

  • Based on the social media stats below published by Hootsuite, there are now more than 3.2 billion users around the globe. That is about around 42% of our total present population.
  • Around 68% of adults who are based in US reportedly have a Facebook account.
  • 2% active social media users are Baby Boomers, 77.5% are from Generation X and approximately 90.4% are Millennials
  • This interesting research illustrates that a user spends on average of 12 hours and 22 minutes in his/her social media account everyday including messaging or chatting.
  • More importantly from the business point of view, approximately 73% of marketers completely agree that their efforts for implementing social media marketing strategy have been fruitful for their business.
  • More than 2 million business today use Facebook Advertising for promoting and selling their products or services aggressively.

Facts and Figures about Social Media Marketing