Social Media: The Main Ingredient for Brand’s Digital Media Strategy, it’s an Art not just a Science

Old days were gone, when marketing, sales, operations and ad agencies sit together to chalk out “Marketing & Advertising” strategies for your brand and plan to place hoardings in different known locations of target consumer market areas. Now are the days for “SMART Guys” these guys just need hands-on experience, like just merely 4 to 5 years in the high-profile social media agency (where they have worked closely with various brands, creative strategists, content creators/moderators, customer support teams and most importantly with experienced graphic designers and Digital Media experts). These so-called “SMART Guys” just need exposure to various brands and their content strategies, they just have to rework on the content from the creative end and creativity needs no time, just need brainstorming and a group of creative “SMART Guys”.

The question which arises in our mind is “How Social Media just become the main ingredient for Brand’s Digital Media Strategy?” The answer is very simple and clear. In past when the marketing strategy, content material, media plans were ready in the first phase then these strategies just need implementation in form of printing the material like brochures, flex hoardings (for ads), production of video ads (from storyboarding to post-production and buying the channel time slots for running these video ads) and then the results started to come from here on in form of reach, ad views, increase in brand’s services or products awareness (when people ask for it after seeing the ads) and increase in buying for these services or products. Now these things are replaced abruptly with Social Media platforms like: Facebook (where you can place logos, hoardings and even animated boards with hi-res logos, cover images, graphics, infographics, short videos, slideshow videos and continuous content posts with aggressive customized ad to target your brand’s audience as per the demographics and location), Instagram, a most aggressive social media platform for creating awareness among masses in Pakistan, Youtube (where you can run your video ad campaigns), LinkedIn (to reach corporate audience) and GooglePlus. Social Media platform advertising results are much more appropriate and easy to measure as compared to old ways of “Marketing & Advertising”.

Now the question is, “How we can say Social Media is an Art, not just a Science?” Again answer is very simple and clear, when a person does something with repeat pre-defined steps and systematic way then it comes from the perspective of science and when a person does something more often with more customized way as per the demand or requirements of the brand then it comes from the perspective of art. But for social media the perspective of art applies only to professional social media experts, who provide customized solution in Marketing Content Strategy, Customized Graphics and the major part is Customized Targeted Advertising for various brands.


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